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Estate Planning

What We Do

Creating an estate plan can be a difficult topic for many, but we do our best to make the process easy to understand and as painless as possible for our clients. We work with your individual situation to create the best plan to match your outlook for the future. We provide a complete and total package to cover all aspects of your wishes so that you can ensure you've done what you can to protect your loved ones for the future.

Client Focused

Our practice is client focused, meaning that we are always available to answer any and all questions you may have regarding the consequences of the different available paths for your estate. Unlike many firms, where paralegals and staffers prepare the documents, your customized plan will be completed from start to finish by an licensed attorney.  And, opposed to do-it-yourself websites, we guide you through the process, asking the right questions that you may not even have considered before. We only have our clients interests in mind when preparing the legal instruments that will give you peace of mind for the future. 

Value Oriented

Estate planning shouldn't be only for the very wealthy. Any person who wants to ensure that loved ones are taken care of should consider assembling a plan, even those with limited finances. Depending upon your circumstances, there may be simpler, less costly options to keep your assets out of the probate court process. Overall, we are here to make the process as affordable as possible by eliminating uncessary overhead, allowing us to work at affordable rates that won't break the bank. We limit our support staff and utilize a private residential office so the high cost of commercial office space isn't passed on to our clients. Our dedicated practice is streamlined to provide the best value for our clients by creating a direct connection between you and your attorney.

How it Works

Our practice focuses on estate planning which includes the preparation of wills, trusts, other planning documents that individuals need to protect their assets after their death or during incapacity. So that we can determine your needs, we offer a short phone consultation where we can decide what sort of plan is the best fit for you and your family. Most of our clients that require planning end up needing several documents; therefore we offer flat-rate packages so that you know exactly what you are going to pay. These flat rate packages generally include the following, but will be tailored to you personal situation:

  • Initial Consultation

  • Communications/Questions while Preparing your Plan

  • Revocable Living Trust

  • Certification of Trust

  • Pour Over Will(s)

  • Power(s) of Attorney

  • Advanced Health Care Directive(s)

  • HIPPA Authorization(s)

  • Guardianship Nomination(s) (if needed)

  • Final Disposition(s)

  • Preparation of Deed, PCOR, and Transfer of Title of the Client’s Primary Residence

  • Notary Services and Recording Fees

  • Walkthrough and Guided Execution of Documents

  • Instructions and Follow-up Support for Funding of the Trust

  • Complete Portfolio of your Documents with Tabbed Sections for Easy Reference

If a package doesn't sound right for you or you only need a single standalone document prepared, it can be billed at an hourly rate with an agreed “not to exceed” condition in the client engagement agreement.  Additionally, reviews of and amendments to already established estate plans, title or deed changes not included in the list above, re-registration of business ownership interests, trust administration services, and all other additional services not included in the flat fate packages offered can also be obtained at hourly rates. 


Please note that the flat-rate package example above does not include planning for estates that exceed the exemptions for Federal Estate Tax.  Large estates such as these require comprehensive tax planning, potential insurance and sub-trusts creation, and other services and will be considered on a case by case basis. 

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